How to look the style queen of the casino

Monday, 14 July 2014

Choosing what to wear to a casino isn’t too difficult. Although just about every casino in the world, at least those who care, have a smart casual dress code. The only other casino dress code that we have come across is black tie, though that only applies to certain evenings or events at the kind of high class casino you find in London’s Mayfair or on formal evenings on the more up-market and even middle-market cruise boats, it isn’t as common as the movies might have you believe. If you’re used to using online casinos such as Gaming Club however, then hopefully we can give you a few pointers. Generally you only need to wear formal clothes on one night out of every three or four, so for the rest of the time you can stick to smart casual. Wearing black tie at a casino is an interesting experience. Your choices are really an exciting evening dress or a smart cocktail dress. If like most of us you rarely get the chance to dress up for such an occasion, then make the most of it, it’s probably as close as you will ever get to feeling like an A list celebrity. Sitting at the roulette table in a beautiful designer evening dress is likely to be a wonderful experience, especially when you win. And even if you don’t it doesn’t really matter, you will have had a lot of fun. For a more ordinary night out at a casino you could choose to wear your lucky colours. Even if you aren’t particularly superstitions you might as well try it out, many gamblers don’t only have lucky colours, they have lucky items of clothing too. This year is the Chinese year of the wooden horse and so it is considered lucky to wear colours that are related to these icons. The best colour is red, and it is better to wear something red that was a gift; that could range from a top, a pretty dress, or even jewellery with ruby gemstones.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

This post should just be titled 'in my dreams', a beautiful dream where I'm very well dressed. I've spent the night looking through all the beautiful things on the Harrods website and these are a fair few I've fallen in love with. The Givenchy pouch being one of my favs, It's so simple but so amazing. The Marc Jacobs watch is something I've wanted for such a long time and I'm hoping if I haven't already treat myself before November I will receive it as a present for my 21st (going to have to drop a few hints to my mum). 

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Summer Wishlist

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Cami top - Topshop / Birkenstocks - ASOS / Native Rose kimono - ASOS / Fringe backpack - ASOS / Ankle bracelets - ASOS / Fedora with elephant trimming - ASOS / Lace dress - BANK 

I'm longing for the days and nights where I no longer have to wear tights and I'm hoping they will come soon.... but at the minute the weather is so unpredictable, absolutely slashing it down one minute and then the next the sun is out and shining. So for now I will have to sit and lust at all the gorgeous summer clothing online. These are a few of my favourite bits, I've fallen head over heels for all things crochet and white, I can see my mum being very annoyed with the amount of stains she's going to have to wash out of the white clothing this summer. The Native Rose kimono is to dieeeeeee for along with so many other pieces they have to offer on Asos and also Urban Outfitters. At the minute I have too much going on to afford anything, I've just taken a Mac out on finance (oppssssy), I'm off to see Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury park on saturday which is going to be amazing(if it stops raining eughh) and then the week after that One Direction in Manchester (no shame). So me buying a bunch of clothing is off the cards right now, but hopefully all this will still be waiting for me in the next month or so!


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Dress - Topshop Boutique  / Shoes - SpyLoveBuy 

I've wanted this dress ever since I saw it online in the plain black version but that one sold out completely and when it in this print I was absolutely infatuated with it. And yes I know the price is just a little bit ridiculous and I got a right earful from my mum I think it's so effortless for summer days/nights. I wore this outfit last night to attend G Y P O fest, which is a yearly BMX and skating jam with bands and DJ's, it started at 10 in the morning and I was working all day so I decided to wear something that can take me into the late night. The sun was out and it was an awesome day/night! I need to start buying way more dresses like this but there doesn't seem to be any about at the minute and I can't bring myself to pay the same price I did for this one!

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