Friday, 21 March 2014

Virgin start up

As a fashion blog I do normally only blog about well... fashion! But I follow so many people on here, Instagram, and twitter who have their own small businesses selling jewellery and clothing that I thought talking about this would be relevant.
I recently came across Virgin startup - a non-profit organisation helping and supporting over 18 year old's on their way to becoming entrepreneurs! All you need to do is go online to register - one of their partners will then assess your idea and help you with your loan application. If your application is approved they will assign you with your own personal mentor, which I think is an amazing idea!
The mentor will be experienced in business to help you with your short or long term goals . They provide you with support in the form of training, workshops, master classes, and peer to peer networking. So far they have funded an amazing chocolate company called YuCoCo (I had a look on their site and now I'm so hungry for chocolate I think I might buy some!) and a lingerie company!
There’s so many talented young people coming out of uni and finding it hard to find jobs I felt like I had to share this for anyone needing help with their business or looking to start a fashion brand. In the next few months I'm going on a bit of a business venture and if things go well I might even give registering a go!

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Monday, 3 March 2014


Jumper - Primark /Jeans - Topshop / Bag - Monki / Shoes - DrMartins1

I couldn't not share with you guys this jumper, I put it on Instagram the other day and it got a lot of loving, I got it from Primark for £5, yes just £5!! How great is that? They also had it in cream but the grey stole my heart. My jeans are some newuns from Topshop, no doubt they will turn grey after a good few washes as always but I just love the fit of moto jeans when they're new, I'm after some ripped jeans next and hoping a trip to meadowhall this week will sort that out!

Thursday, 20 February 2014


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Last night I was doing some dangerous online browsing and stopped by motel rocks and I fell in love with everything, it was around 1 in the morning and I added around 10 items to my wish list so I've decided to show you my top picks! I'm planning on making an order tonight of three dresses and I have no idea which ones to choose, I literally been sat for the past couple of hours umming and arrring! Which are your favourites? If you use the code 'lucyjarviss' you can get an awesome 20% off your order, how rad is that?!?